Here are the 9 countries with less than 100 Covid-19 cases


Since its outbreak in the Wuhan city of China, the virus came to Africa through the desert widow of Egypt and has successfully spread to 57 countries and territories of the continent with South Africa bearing the huge burden with 32,683 official cases.
Africa-News reports that a reference website that provides counters and real-time statistics for diverse topics, 149,661 cases have been totally reported in Africa.
4,252 patients have died due to complication from the virus while 64,111 recoveries have been recorded with total active cases standing on 81,298 figure.
According to data obtained from John Hopkins University and Africa CDC, these countries with less than 100 cases have a lesser population compared to Nigeria and other top ten Covid-19 hit African countries. They include:
Angola: 84,
Eritrea: 39
Botswana: 35,
Burundi: 63,
Gambia: 25
Namibia: 25
Lesotho: 2,
Seychelles: 11
Western Sahara: 9


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