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How to earn big from opera news

How to earn big from opera news

This is how to earn as a publisher on Opera mini
1. How to publish news on Opera mini
2. How to become Opera Mini news publisher
3. How to blog on opera mini
4. How to get your website on Opera news
6. How to Add Your Site to Opera Mini News
5. How to write for Opera News
6. How to post an article on Opera news
7. how to submit site to opera news
I will take you through the questions one after the other so that you will be satisfied after reading through. Will also try my best to give detailed information so you don’t miss anything essential. In the queries mentioned above, you will notice that some of them are related. Like: How to Publish News on Opera Mini, How to Become Opera Mini news publisher, How to Blog on opera mini, how to write for Opera News and How to post an article on Opera News are all related queries.Talking about Submitting site on Opera News, we have queries like: How to get your website on Opera news, How to Add Your Site to Opera Mini News, how to add site to opera news and how to submit site to opera news are also related queries. Let’s tackle the first related questions or queries.
How to Become Opera News Publisher/Write or How to Publish News on Opera mini.
Do you know that opera news writers are making money monthly by writing and submitting news on Opera news?
Yes opera pays monthly depending on revenue generated with a month. Currently there is no minimum amount you can withdraw on each month as what you get in a month will be sent to you. Wanna start writing already? Visit and sign up with your Facebook or Email account. Fill the forms on sign up.
Wait for your account to be reviewed by Opera team. Once approved you can now start writing and publishing.
Any Questions on This? Comments Below will be there to help you out.
How to Submit Your Site to Opera News or How to Add Your Site to Opera News.
Guess you never knew many blogs are making it big from the blog traffic they pull from Opera mini news feed. If you visit Opera mini website, you will see some site featured on the homepage by default, well, if you are a blogger and have a website that needs to be on Opera Mini news feed, then this article is for you.
You see, adding your website or blog to opera mini news feed will ever remain a great way of increasing your blog traffic because your site’s latest posts will be displayed upon launching the opera mini browser.
The sites you see on opera mini front page are not there automatically, there are some tricks to it. It’s simple, the blog owners made a request to the Opera news team and it was granted to them.
Not only submitting your site to Opera News, There are Also Benefits If Your Site Appears On Opera News.
Benefits of Having your Website on Opera News Feed:
1. It’s a great way to book and increase your blog traffic.
2. It offers you the chance to get your content shared more as more people get to see it which in turn is excellent for SEO for bloggers.
3. Popularity and better exposure of your website
4. Another source of income to website owners and bloggers. How is that possible?
It’s simple; By displaying your site or blog on opera mini news feed, you’ll be paid 50% of revenue made from displaying their products on your site or blog. You’ll be paid once a $100 threshold is reached.
How to Add Your Website To Opera Mini News Feed – Step By Step Guide
Firstly, kindly send a mail to this email address >>><<< and >>> <<< then Cc: >>> <<<
An opera mini agent will reply to your mail after 2 to 3 days with the request to write an appropriate request which will contain your website link for him to forward it to the news feed team.
Reply according to what he requested. Do not write long jaggy words, but be brief and straight to the point.
After that, Send your mail back and relax. It might take up to 1 to 2 weeks (Sometimes longer) for them to review your request and site before getting back to you.
Once your request has been approved, follow the next instruction there and have your site on opera mini news feed. Africa-News update.


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