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Lazarus Chakwera wins Malawi presidential election

Lazarus Chakwera wins Malawi presidential election

Malawi’s electoral commission has declared opposition alliance leader Lazarus Chakwera the winner of the country’s presidential election rerun.
The announcement late on Saturday came four days after Malawians returned to the polls almost five months after the constitutional court annulled the results of a May 2019 vote over irregularities.
Chakwera, 65, secured the required majority, with 58.57 percent of Tuesday’s vote, the electoral commission said, beating the incumbent Peter Mutharika. Chakwera won election to a five-year term as president of the nation of 18 million people.
Mutharika, 79, earlier on Saturday said there had been voting irregularities including violence and intimidation against his party’s election monitors, but the complaint was dismissed by the electoral commission. The opposition has denied the allegations.
There were no independent reports of irregularities, and no international observer missions this time because of COVID-19. Local observers have said the poll was free and fair.
Chakwera said in his victory remarks that his victory is a win for democracy and justice. His heart is bubbling with joy, which sparked wild late night celebrations on the streets of the capital Lilongwe, his stronghold. Africa-News reports.


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