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Libyan survives Wagner mercenaries’ brutality by faking death

Libyan survives Wagner mercenaries’ brutality by faking death

Mohammed Abu Azila Enbis is Eight-year-old is today fully fortunate as he survived the brutality of the mercenaries of the Russian Wagner Group in the war-torn country.Enbis had to leave her home in Esbia, a town in southern Tripoli, on 23 September 2019, as Hafter intensified her attacks towards the capital against forces that had pledged allegiance to the Putin general.

Speaking to Daniel Hilton from the Middle East Eye, Enbis said he lost his father, brother and brother-in-law to mercenaries and expressed how surprised he was that he managed to survive.

However, when the conflict began to slow down, they decided to go back and check their home. Clarifying his mindset at the time, Enbis said that he knew the risk he faced when going back to the area.

Russian merchants paid attention to Enbis when he was visiting his house, and they followed him. They later imprisoned him in a house in nearby al-Huriyare, where he was living temporarily with his father Abu Ajila, brothers Husam and Mohammed, and brother-in-law Hamza.

“It was a hot night, and when they put us in the back of a van, they spilled water on our heads. The water made our blinds transparent, and I could see their bright red faces and green eyes. Each Russian was large, heavily built, and one seemed to have a prosthetic leg, ”recalled Anbis.

In the end, the family was moved to a farm with a concrete house, where they are forced to kneel.

“They took away our IDs and phones, and they had a lot of equipment and were speaking fluently in Russian,” Enbis said.

Hours after the initial occupation, the mercenaries moved the family to another location.

“I was standing in the last row. Then they blew us with bullets. I threw myself down and showed that I was dead, ”he said describing the shocking incident.

Enbis survived just by chance without injury, and his brother Husam managed to stay alive despite hitting a few bullets. The rest of the family, however, was killed during the incident.

On the other hand, the mercenaries left the scene in a hurry, without even checking if all had died.

The Wagner Group has played an important role in assisting Russia to achieve its military goals in Ukraine, Sudan, Syria and Libya.

Russia, mainly through the Wagner Group, as well as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt in their battle to seize power from the U.N.-accredited government (NNA) -led government in Tripoli, the Putist General Khalifa Hafter is supported.

The US Africa Command (AFRICOM) on 24 July accused Russia of “playing an indomitable role in Libya by distributing supplies and equipment to the Wagner Group.”The Wagner Group has 2,000 employees in Libya according to the command.

Hilton also mentioned in his article that although the group is dominated by its ranks, it also includes Serbian and Ukrainians. Hilton also highlighted Wagner’s role in training hafter forces.


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