Minister Patricia de Lille says they will stick to their plan to deliver infrastructure projects .


Public Works and Infrastructure Minister Patricia de Lille says they will stick to their plan to deliver infrastructure projects to further development in the country. The government has been under pressure in recent times after some people lost their jobs due to covid-19.

In his address to Parliament on Tuesday, De Lille said that despite some opposition parties not willing to listen, there were several bankable projects in the pipeline.He said the projects were worth billions.

But the DA, EFF and United Democratic Movement questioned the goals set by the government and how realistic the project was. But the ANC came to the rescue of De Lille and said it fully supported infrastructure projects.

The ANC said that the covid-19 epidemic has devastated the economy and the government is trying to revive it.De Lille said that there were realistic targets for infrastructure projects, despite the skepticism of some parties.

He said that after the loss of covid-19, the country should unite for economic recovery.MPs could not say that there were problems without coming up with solutions, he said.

“But we need to find a solution. We just can’t replicate the problems over and over again. One of the reasons for ISA (Infrastructure South Africa) is a single entry point, a database where we report all infrastructure projects Wherever they are in the country, ”said De Lille.

She said that she is also working on the backlog of some projects which have stalled.He was busy conducting an audit on all these projects.

“We are busy auditing incomplete projects. We have done a lot, we are just waiting for input from various provinces and municipalities so that we can consolidate the register of all incomplete projects,” he said.

De Lille also dismissed claims from opposition parties that the government-announced infrastructure projects were a pipe dream.He said the infrastructure fund would have R100bn for projects.This was also confirmed by Finance Minister Tito Mboweni in his medium-term budget policy statement a few weeks ago.De Lille also stated that there was a commitment of R340 billion from the private sector to invest in infrastructure.


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