NCC in talks with expatriate to test the safety of 5G network.


The Nigerian Communications Commission states that it is working in partnership with stakeholders to make certain the security of 5G networks in Nigeria in coaching for the launch of the technology. The Executive Vice President of NCC, Prof. Umar Danabatta said, the government has commenced working on a policy that will promote the deployment of 5G.
Danabetta, who represented NCC with the aid of Director, Technical Standards and Network Integrity, Bako Vakil said that the Commission will pursue environmental impact evaluation on the use of 5G and the influence of the electromagnetic discipline on human beings in Nigeria.

EVC on Wednesday spoke on a technical discussion board — the ‘multi-stakeholder strategy to the countrywide recuperation post-epidemic’.
The Global Communications for Mobile Communications Association envisioned that seven African countries, consisting of Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, would have industrial 5G offerings through 2025.

Danbatta stated that the monetary gain to Nigeria for the 5G, coronovirus epidemic would be huge, as almost all businesses and activities of the authorities have been migrating and supplying their offerings online.

“Once done, Nigerians can safely use 5G and enjoy all the economic, human and material benefits of 5G,” he assured

According to him, 5G will enable a new type of network for Nigerians designed to connect almost all and the whole lot together, such as machines, items and equipment.

EVC noted that the technological know-how will accelerate the adoption of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence applications.

“Nigeria’s youths stands to benefit immensely from the deployment of 5G as it will furnish a platform for technopreneurs, science enthusiasts, SMEs and tech start-ups to amplify and community with different world players, ever earlier than Has now not been viewed ”he added.

Danbatta said the technology would have a wider have an impact on than previous network generations.

According to him, the technology supports a vast vary of industries and probably permits items and offerings of up to $ 13.2 tonnes.



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