Senegal to continue the usage of Chloroquine on Covid-19 patients


Abdoulaye Bousso, who heads Senegal’s Centre for Health Emergency Operations, told AFP on Wednesday that the country’s hydroxychloroquine treatment programme would continue without offering further details.
Meanwhile authorities in the West African state opted to provide consenting patients with the drug early on during its coronavirus outbreak, citing promising clinical results by admitting that Chloroquine and its derivative hydroxychloroquine have been used for decades for the treatment and curb of malaria and further disclosed that it is cheap and safe when usage is strictly adhered to.
Earlier, the US President Donald Trump promoted its use and stunned his own administration earlier this month by revealing he was taking it as a preventive measure against the virus.
While some countries around the world rushed to use the anti-malarials to fight COVID-19,
medical experts urged caution and warned that the drugs can have potentially serious side effects.
France decided to ban the usage of Chloroquine on Wednesday as a result to the warning earlier stated by the medical experts while some countries like the Brazilian authorities indicated that they would continue using the drug.


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