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Soldiers detained for flogging lady over ‘indecent’ dressing and shaving youths

Soldiers detained for flogging lady over ‘indecent’ dressing and shaving youths

Oyo State Security, Operation Burst, has arrested some officers in connection with a case of assault on a woman in the Ibadan beer community.

The girl was allegedly beaten by some members of the security forces who were accused of wearing ‘obscene clothes’.

Footage showing the attack on the young woman, whose identity has not yet been found, went viral over the weekend.

In the viral video, company officials say residents are completely watching the beer on horseback.

Locals allege that company officials apologized to them in the wake of the #EndSARS protest that hijacked the hoodlooms.

Tagged at the event: Fresh FM Situation Room Fresh 105.9 FM on Monday, the Commander, Operation Burst, Captain Usolo, and team crew apologizing to the families of those who attacked.

“My ears are full of the illegal activities of some soldiers in the Nigerian army,” said Seun Fakorede, state youth and sports commissioner. I contacted Operation Burst Commandant, believing that the perpetrators of this heinous act had been arrested and taken to the barracks. They are handled accordingly. ”

Some soldiers, who said they were wearing inappropriate hairstyles, shaved the heads of some young men who called themselves ‘End Sars.

In a viral video, a young woman wearing a camisole and an orange attachment sits on the bare floor at a filling station, and a soldier punches her in the buttocks.

The young woman repeatedly appealed to the soldier, but was told not to protect her buttocks as the stubborn soldier continued to beat her.

Someone describes how a young man with a shaved head got off a motorcycle by a soldier.

Speaking in Yoruba, he said, “I rode a motorcycle with my friends around the beer and the soldier said They wanted to see us. I think what must I have done because I had no weapons and I was not a fraudster .

“They told me to dig out my hat. When I did, they hit me and asked me to kneel. When I asked what my guilt was, one of them asked me to sit down and then took a pair of scissors from his pocket.

The interesting thing is that they collected money from us for a haircut. ”

Soldiers deployed in the streets to prevent the protest were caught on camera committing several human rights violations.

Last week, civilians were seen beating civilians after being ordered to lie face down in the mud by the Nigerian Air Force in the state of Osun.

Such cases are usually buried, even if the Air Force claims to have arrested them.

Amnesty International reports that the Nigerian military has committed a number of abuses, including flogging, forced haircuts and sometimes extrajudicial killings.


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