South Africa to Open Churches and other places of Worship


South African president, Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa stated that Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the country emotionally, industrially and spiritually. In his speech he said it has affected the well-being and growth of the country. He reinstated that many of the citizens are fearful of both the present situation and the future to come.
While in his address “he said that the present government will take full responsibility to take care of the spiritual, psychological and emotional well-being of all South Africans.”
While South Africa will move to “level three” of its five-level lockdown system from June, allowing the vast majority of the economy to return to full capacity.
The South African President, Ramaphosa, who has been under pressure from rival political parties and industries to ease the restrictions, said social distancing will have to be observed and all worshippers and participants will have to wear face masks with restrictions to not more than 50 person in any of the social gatherings.
He further added that any religious gathering that carry even the slightest possibility of exposing worshippers to risk should be avoided, and said sanitisation exercise should be strictly followed.


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