Lepelle Northwater, the blackhead consulting association of Edwin Soddy dealing with corruption charges, is in hot soup over another issue.

Controversial asbestos smooth in Free State consists of allegations of corruption in the company. Sodi and former human settlers MEC Oli Mmmeli and former HOD Nitimotse Mokhesi had been arrested and put on bail.

Currently, the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) and the Sondo Commission are investigating the corporation in a new scandal.

SIU on Tuesday informed the Water and Sanitation Portfolio Committee of a number of inquiries into the affairs of the Department of Water and Sanitation and its water boards.

Between 2008 and 2019, SIUU obtained approval through six notices to investigate the Malatus Water Board, Department, Lepelle Northern Water, Gutting Department of Human Settlement, Umgeni Water, and Tukila Godertro Water Scheme.

However, SIU chief Andy Motidi stated the anti-corruption committee had acquired an change to the statement, which also added Lepelle Northwater.

“When we acquire a statement, they fall inside the scope of the announcement and the statement. If the allegations are outside the modern-day statement, we are required via regulation to looking for an amendment, so our investigation will be carried out inside the felony framework,” Motibi said.

An modification to Lepelle Northwater contains an investigation into new scandals involving blackhead consulting.

“It is the same employer referred to and blanketed in the asbestos investigation we carried out in the independent nation and we are now drawing the attention of the Sondo Commission.

“We are working very intently with researchers on the Sondo Commission, so we will release comprehensive outcomes in this regard,” Motibi said.


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