Sudan calls on Ethiopia envoy over deadly border attack


Prior to the border attack by suspected Ethiopian rebel fighters that killed and wounded several Sudanese army personnel and civilians, Khartoum reported in a statement on Saturday.
Sudan has called on the Ethiopian embassy’s charge d’affaires thursday’s attack targeted at camp in the eastern city of Gadarif, Africa-News reports.
A Sudanese military spokesman blamed fighters “supported by Ethiopia” for the attack, according to Africa-News and it was earlier reported that there was no immediate response or comment from Addis Ababa.
While so many Ethiopian groups have used farmland in the Sudanese al-Fashqa border region for decades upon decades. The former Sudanese government of deposed veteran leader Omar al-Bashir turned a blind eye, but the current transitional authorities in Khartoum are trying to expel the groups.
While on Friday, Sudan’s army spokesman, General Amer Mohamed al-Hassan, said in a statement that one Sudanese officer had been killed and seven other soldiers had been injured in the attack.
In his address he said “We decided to give chance for diplomacy in Khartoum and Addis Abbas to calm the situation on the border strip before it turns into an all-out war between the two countries,” said al-Hassan.
He also added that the recent attacks on Sudanese territory by the Ethiopian army and armed groups violated previous agreements between the two countries.
Al-Hassan who summoned on Ethiopia to abide by its agreements with Sudan on their mutual boundaries, along with deployments of official forces on either side of the border.
Sudan and Ethiopia have been engaged in continuous talks over the border demarcation between the two countries. Africa-News reports.


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