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Tanzania: Simba, Yanga Face Acid Test Again

Tanzania: Simba, Yanga Face Acid Test Again

Tanzanian football giants; As the Premier League reunions begin after the end of peaceful voting across the country, Zimbabwe and young Africans are facing big efforts in special venues today.

Defending champions Simba Mawadui will be at Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam to host the event and their victory will be a great relief to the club fans.

Their traditional rivals, the Yanga play hard-working hosts in Musoma in the Mara region, one of the surprise packages of this season is Bishara United. Two matches‌ and two Giants are of utmost importance.

Zimbabwe, who have six points after two defeats, urgently need maximum points, and Yanga, who won their previous match, also wants to win the clash.

Simba is under three-point pressure after losing two games in a row to Tanzanian jails and Rua shootings and losing 1-0 on two points.

Two defeats pushed Zimba from second to fifth after scoring 13 points; Aszam is leading the ladder with 21 points, while Yanga is at 19 points.

Beijing United, in third place, scored 16 points. Kinondoni Municipal (KMC) finished fourth with 14 points. Mwanza at home after a 3-0 win over Gwambina.

Lusajo Mwikenda scored in the 43rd minute, Reliance Lusajo in the 87th minute and David Bryson in the last minute.

Simba hopes to regain victory after top scorers Medi Kagare and Chris Mughal return from injury.

Today their midfielder Maestro Cletus Chama missed two games due to family issues to serve on the team. Chama is back to serve his team again.

Simba must restore confidence and outscore their rivals Azam FC and Yang by more than six points.

Zimbabwe will not be allowed to easily defeat Maudoui, one of the teams with the most experienced players, especially since the previous match was 6-1 after losing to Xinjiang-based team JKT Tanzania.

At the Karume Stadium in Mussoorie, Yanga will face tough host Beashera United as both teams have performed well since the start of the season.

Second-placed Yanga and coach Cedric kaze have put in a great performance in the new show over the last two games. Police beat KMC 2-1 in the final and Tanzania 1-0.

Azam FC JKT, who lost to MTB Sugar, will play at their home Chamaji Complex in Tanzania last evening.

Other games today include Tanzanian prisons and policy Tanzania; Namungo against Dodoma jiji


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