Tanzanian opposition leader Freeman Mbowe attacked months before the elections


Freeman Mbowe was rushed to hospital after he was ambushed by unknown assailants while returning home late on Monday in Dodoma,
The attack in which the opposition Chadema party dubbed ‘politically motivated’. Freeman Mbowe who had earlier accused the government of covering up the extent of coronavirus outbreak in the country
Tanzania’s main opposition party says its chairman has been hospitalised after being beaten in a “politically-motivated” attack, as police said they would investigate the assault.
Report has it that some unknown people rallied round him and assaulted him before he started taking the stairs. Although the people had carried firearms, they didn’t use them,” said Chadema’s Secretary-General John Mnyika.
A high-profile critic of President John Magufuli, Mbowe has repeatedly accused the government of covering up the extent of Tanzania’s coronavirus outbreak and failing to take the pandemic seriously.
“This is a politically-motivated attack. Our priority now is his health. Africa-News reports.
The Police investigation reported that Mbowe had been set upon by three men who broke his leg, but still against politicising the incident as politically motivated. Africa-News reports.



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