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Govt. Underlines Need to Focus On Priorities Set Out in Throne Speech

Govt. Underlines Need to Focus On Priorities Set Out in Throne Speech

These priorities represent a roadmap to overcome the economic and social difficulties arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions, as well as to lay the foundations for a strong, competitive and integrated economy, El Otmani pointed out during a meeting held through video conference with all the members of the government, said the Department of the head of government in a release.

The Head of Government also called for the mobilization of all financial resources so as to consolidate and better invest the exceptional financial “effort” announced in the Throne Speech, noting that nearly 120 billion dirhams will be injected into the national economy in order to support businesses, mainly small and medium-sized ones.

He also called for the activation of partnership mechanisms between the public and private sectors to finance large investment projects in several production fields, in particular export-oriented industry, agriculture, equipment, construction, tourism and investment projects in strategic sectors of human development such as education, health, water, digitization and the green economy.

El Otmani underscored the importance of supporting industrial transition to replace imported products, giving priority to national products and to projects that have a significant impact on employment.

All the components of the government and the economic and social stakeholders must be mobilized with the same willingness and the solidarity spirit that prevailed during the first anti-Covid-19 phase, which HM the King praised, he added, noting that this period was marked by a high level of responsibility, patriotism and solidarity.

El Otmani recalled the high royal guidelines, in particular those relating to the launch of an ambitious economic recovery plan to enable the production sectors to recover, to increase their capacity to create jobs and to preserve sources of income, in addition to supporting national investments and the rationalization of the various financing funds as well as the promotion of development and the establishment of social and territorial justice.

It is also about the acceleration of the launch of a profound reform of public establishments and enterprises, in addition to the implementation of the necessary reforms during this period and the exploitation of the opportunities that it offers, in addition to the commitment of the government and economic and social stakeholders within the framework of a constructive national contract that meets the current challenges and the expectations of Moroccans.

Seven presentations were made at this conference by ministers in charge of the departments concerned by the economic recovery plan, whether in relation to the productive, service or social sectors. These presentations included a number of practical proposals with economic and social impact aimed at improving the living conditions of citizens and supporting vulnerable categories.

These presentations were followed by an in-depth and rich discussion, during which the ministers reviewed proposals and practical measures, the possibility of providing and mobilizing the necessary funds as well as the necessary conditions to support their implementation and ensure their success.

These proposals, which constitute the basis of the integrated economic recovery plan, will be discussed with the various partners concerned, the statement said, noting that the members of the government stressed the need to take strong and urgent measures to encourage investments that create jobs and strengthen the national economy, including the simplification of procedures and the facilitation of partnership measures between the public and private sectors, while strengthening and developing the digitization of administration so as to promote its transparency, efficiency and speed in responding to user requests.

The members of the government seized this opportunity to reaffirm their strong commitment to address these exceptional circumstances with patriotism and maintain team spirit so as to serve the supreme interests of the Nation and meet the expectations of citizens under the wise leadership of His Majesty the King.


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