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Wadajir Party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur hopes to make the cut as the country prepare for the presidential election.

Wadajir Party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur hopes to make the cut as the country prepare for the presidential election.

Abdirahman Abdishakur may have been involved in Somalia’s reincarnation and politics for the past two decades, but the 52 – year – old Somali constitutional expert is still vying for the presidency, the country’s greatest gift.

As the country prepares to hold presidential elections in February, Wadazir is expected to make cuts to the party leader.

A former humanitarian worker who entered politics 15 years ago, Shanti has joined the re-liberation of Somalia, helping the Alliance for Djibouti, the successor to the Islamic Courts Union. Sheikh Sharif Ahmed as Minister for Planning.

“I’ve been consistent for years.”

In 2017, he was one of 20 presidential contenders in the race won by Mohamed Farmaajo. Now they can meet again. The election calendar, released last month following an agreement between the federal government and the federal member states, has not yet listed the number of candidates who can compete. As always in the Somalia elections, veterans and French contestants appear.

Abdishakur said he wanted to be president for the mistakes people make, including undermining the federal system.

We have different approaches to how Somalia works. He believes that centralized and authoritarian rule is strong. I believe the federal system is good, ”Abdushakur told the nation.

Our priority is to reach a consensus among the Somalis. He is against it. ”

Priority to safety
Many Somali politicians agree that the country is in serious trouble with al-Shabab, which has infiltrated many of the country’s major institutions, including the revenue department. They said they would sponsor politicians for key positions that symbolize terrorism.

Abdishakur said he could help build trust among partners and that it would be difficult for the country to establish a kingdom.

Security is crucial to any problem in Somalia. You should discuss military structure. The problem is that Somalia has politicized its military, so intimidating the opposition is military (misleading), ”he argued.

In December 2017, unidentified gunmen attacked his Wadazir party offices, killing five gunmen and wounding several others, including him. He argued that those who attacked to intimidate his opponents were sponsored by the federal government.

There is no clarity about the shooters. But Abdus Shakur is also a victim of terrorism. Hassan Dahir Aviz, a cleric who called for better gender equality, released an Islamic statement last year. The priest was able to make a video from the prison cells.

“We do not want to politicize our security. It has been used against pharmazo rivals. To get the role of Somali we have to go back to the National Security Council (which was formed with the federal government and the federal member states).”

The Pharmazo government fired ghost workers in the military and led the country on a debt-free path, allowing Mogadishu to borrow again from international creditors.

Problem? Abdishakur argued that there were no ties, especially in the legal and financial spheres, and that the government had ignored calls to reform the sector, allowing al-Shabab to be invalid.

“Our courts are corrupt,” he said, referring to Transparency International’s annual corruption awareness index. It turned out that Somalia was the most corrupt country in Africa, in conflict with the federal government.

The Somali president must recognize his authority for reforms. There were no tests of his strength; The courts, the prime minister and parliament are under his control, not the constitution, political facts.

“We are facing a very big and complex problem.”

The power of the army
Somalia has been holding elections since March as the African Union Mission prepares to leave Somalia. There have been talks on whether Somalia will remain strong until the National Army takes over.

Abdishakur believes that the long-term goal is to develop SNA’s coordination training and gradually transfer responsibility to the SNA after first developing the ability to respond to threats. The immediate goal is to address why al-Shabab still attracts some.

I want to address the cause of radicalization. The civil data bank is important, but marginalization, poverty and political consensus need to be addressed.

Politics needs to follow the technical aspects of security. Politics is security for Somalia. Pharmazo focuses on technical aspects. But, politically he scored low.

In Somalia, however, the problem mostly starts with caste-based politics.

Abdishakur Habalgidir, born in Galmudug, was of the Hawiye clan. It served as president from 2000 to 2004, when Abdiqasim Salad Hassanwas elected to lead the transitional national government.

Since then, the deputy has not won a single seat, but is a member of the current Prime Minister Hussein Roble.

The leaders agreed that the caste elders would nominate election representatives as well as voting representatives before next month’s elections for the MPs who will elect the president in February.

There is already a problem with critics blaming the federal government for putting allies on committees.

Somalia, as many politicians agree, is no longer free from hostile ethnic politics. However it wants leaders to fill in as soon as possible. Relations with Somalia’s neighbors are crucial. During the Fermajo regime, he had friendly relations with Kenya, especially when he had to pursue a maritime border case in the International Court of Justice.

However, the case dates back to the time of Abdishakur, who was the planning minister. He signed a memorandum of understanding


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