Sunday, September 20, 2020

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Pick n Pay to step cautiously into Nigerian market

AG Leventis, which is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, has nearly 90 years of trading experience in that market. Pick n Pay CE...

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About Nomzamo Mbatha

About Nomzamo Mbatha - Nomzamo Mbatha is a South African accountant, actress and television personality best known as one of the three finalists in...

Nigerian People, History And Culture

Nigerian People, History And Culture - Famous for her huge population of more than 150 million and with more than 370 ethnics groups, Nigeria...



Africa has 54 sovereign countries (The most on any continent) and is the second largest continent in terms of both land area and population. Africa is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, by the Red Sea to the northeast, and by the Indian Ocean to the southeast.

Africa is a vast continent spanning over 8,000km (5,000 mi) north to south and 7,500km (4,800 mi) east to west (not including islands) and contains a wide array of peoples, skin colours, religions, and cultures.

Africa contains the world’s longest river—the 6,650km long (4,100 mi) Nile River running from Burundi to Egypt—while the Congo River in the DRC is the second largest in terms of discharge as well as the deepest with a depth of over 230m (750 ft) in some spots.

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Zimbabwe activists decry ‘unprecedented restrictions’ after arrests

Zimbabwean investigative journalist Hopewell Chin'ono has over the years leveraged his large social media following to share...


Six prisoners killed in Mogadishu prison shoot-out

At least six prisoners were killed and six others wounded in a shoot-out inside a prison in the Somali capital, Mogadishu on Monday.There were conflicting reports of how the prisoners, all said to be members of the al-Qaeda-linked group l-Shabab, got hold of the weapons.
Cross River State Nigeria

Cross River State – The People’s Paradise

Cross River State – The People's Paradise: Located in south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Rivers State was created out of the old South Eastern...

Keita investigates protest which turns violent

Report has it that Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has said he has launched an investigation into violence committed during a mass anti-government protest...

Nigeria – 2016 Budget Into Law

Nigeria - 2016 Budget Into Law: This assent has now given way for the full implementation of the budget. The ceremony was witnessed by...

Mali opposition insists Keita must resign

Africa-News reports that Mali's protest movement has pressed on with a demand for embattled President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita to quit, as international mediators tried...
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Top 5 Universities in South Africa

Top 5 Universities in South Africa by ranking focuses on academic, prestige and intellectual capabilities making them unique among several universities in Africa. Started in...