Atleast five killed in attack on South African church as hostages flee away


Atleast five people have been killed in an attack on a church west of Johannesburg, South African police have said, with some of the attackers taking hostages who were later freed.
At least 40 people were arrested and 40 firearms, including rifles, shotguns and handguns related to the attack on the International Pentecost Holiness Church in Zuurbekom, were seized, police spokesman Vishnu Naidoo told the local eNCA television on Saturday.
Police said they rescued men, women and children who had been held hostage and appeared to have been living at the church. It was not clear how many were rescued.
Police reported that the early morning attack by a group of armed people may have been motivated by a feud between church members. Although the trouble has been brewing at the church following the death of its leader‚ Glayton Modise‚ in February 2016.
The church is one of the largest – and reportedly richest – in South Africa. Africa-News reports.


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