Kenyan police shot three people dead at protest


Kenyan police shot at crowd in the western city of Lesos, killing three people in the process.
They fired at a crowd of motorcycle taxi drivers protesting against the arrest of a colleague for flouting coronavirus restrictions.
The inspector general of police, Hillary Mutyambai said he has ordered the arrest of the officers involved in the shooting and he regret the loss of these lives,” the police inspector general, said. “A thorough investigation will be carried out and action will be taken. They must face the law.”
According to a police statement, the first shots fired killed a 40-year-old man after motorcycle taxi drivers “attacked” one of the officers. Two more people were shot dead after the crowd followed the officers back to their police station, it said.
In recent weeks, hundreds have turned out to protest in solidarity with those allegedly killed by police in Kenya, as well as the killing of George Floyd in the United States.
Rights activists claim that including Moyo, 19 people, all from low-income areas, have died from police enforcement of the coronavirus curfew.
In April, Human Rights Watch accused Kenyan police of imposing curfews “in a chaotic and violent manner, from the beginning”, sometimes whipping, beating or using tear gas to force her citizens off the streets. Africa-News reports.


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