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Top 5 Nigerians that might have won an Olympic Medal

Top 5 Nigerians that might have won an Olympic Medal

The 2016 Rio Olympics has been a terrible execution for the Nigerian group. The basketball group and the majority of the games have all smashed out without any medal. The condition of Nigerian games leaves a ton to be coveted. While it is inconceivable for some of these competitors to really partake because of age contemplations, here are 5 of them that may have won a medal in the event that they could contend at the current year’s Olympics.

  1. Chika Chukwumerije – Taekwondo

Chika ChukwumerijeNone of the Nigerian Taekwondo group met all requirements for the current year’s Olympics, on the off chance that they had, we would have had the trust of catching an award in Taekwondo. Why?

Chika Chukwumerije who is seemingly Nigeria’s best male Taekwondo expert won a gold award at the 2007 All-Africa Games in the +80kg class and fit the bill for the 2008 Olympic Games before long. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, he won a bronze decoration as well. Regardless of the possibility that he didn’t battle, his experience and eminent authority ability would have helped us to a chance at the medal.

  1. Samuel Peter – Boxing

Samuel PeterAt 36 years old, Samuel ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Peter is not very old for Olympic boxing. While the reality of the matter is that Efe Ajagba indicated guarantee with his knockout first session win, he later slammed out, his absence of experience appearing. Subside who held the WBC heavyweight title in 2008, rose to noticeable quality in his initial proficient profession taking after a string of knockout wins. Subside who enjoyed a reprieve from enclosing 2011 has not been gotten notification from that point forward, on the off chance that he was in the Olympics, we may have had some shot at a medal with his experience and ability.

  1. Isaac Promise – Football

Isaac PromiseIsaac Promise was extraordinary at the Beijing Olympics. He drove the Nigerian Dream Team at the Olympics of 2008 to a silver medal, losing to a ritzy Argentinean squad in the last match. The Nigerian Dream Team at the current year’s Olympics demonstrated heart and guarantee, however in the event that Isaac Promise was up there with Mikel Obi as two of the permitted overage players, the match against Germany may have gone better. His experience would have been an important advantage for the group.

  1. Mary Onyali – Sprinter

Mary OnyaliIt is obviously outlandish for Mary Onyali to contend at 48 years old. However in her prime, she was effortlessly one of the best female sprinters, Nigeria had in the Olympic style events. She has two Olympic bronze medals and an individual best of 10.97 in 100m, which is no little accomplishment, considering that the best in the women’s 100m is 10.49. It is past the point where it is possible to wish she was here, however, one can dare to dream, we get individuals of her gauge once more.

  1. Hakeem Olajuwon – Basketball

Hakeem OlajuwonHakeem Olajuwon is one basketball player Nigeria should have had. At 53 years old, Hakeem Olajuwon is unquestionably out of basketball, and yes the Nigerian basketball group put its best before smashing out of the Olympics. However, it is fascinating to note that he never represented Nigeria, he rather won a gold medal with the USA group at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics in b-ball. Nigeria truly needs to accomplish more about its games organization, or exhibitions like the one we saw at the current year’s Olympics will just keep on being rehashed. There is the ability in the nation, a great deal of it, it just should be developed and oversaw legitimately. Competitors need to know they will be administered to and acknowledged, or they will search for another nation that will give them that.


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