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Prime Minister of Tanzania, Majaliwa Officially Moves to Dodoma

Prime Minister of Tanzania, Majaliwa Officially Moves to Dodoma

The Prime Minister of Tanzania, Mr. Kassim Majaliwa, will today move to Dodoma formally as a major aspect of the execution of the administration’s choice to move to the nation’s capital.

In his keynote location to the CCM National Congress after he was chosen the party’s National Chairman, President John Magufuli had told delegates that before the end of his first term in office, the whole government would have been moved from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma.

Mr. Rugimbana told columnists that on Saturday, Mr. Majaliwa will begin a two-day official visit to review arrangements for the Dodoma Municipality to accept its status as the new capital. “He will investigate structures to house government workplaces, wellbeing offices, the Mzakwe water source and the Dodoma and Industrial Area,” he said.

Dodoma Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr. Jordan Rugimbana, told columnists here yesterday that the chief is relied upon to arrive today evening. “This is the usage of the guarantee he (Mr. Majaliwa) made amid National Heroes Day on July 25,” said the RC.

Mr. Rugimbana hailed the head for the benefit the Dodoma provincial power over his choice to begin executing the choice by the Fifth Phase Government. In July, the administration repeated its aim to move from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma with the Prime Minister, Mr. Majaliwa, affirming that he will be the first to execute the presidential order – come September.


Mr. Majaliwa further said that promptly after he achieves his main goal to move to Dodoma, all ministers and heads of foreign missions authorize to Tanzania would take after.

“In our battle vows a year ago, we said our administration would convey different chances to our kin. This will be one of the open doors. This is a test to businessmen to construct more inns, hotels, visitor houses and other crucial structures,” he had included.

Tending to the country on the event of the Heroes Day, President Magufuli said he was cheerful to see numerous individuals going to the event.

“Your nearness here is a marker that Dodoma is truly our nation’s capital.” Dr. Magufuli told his party’s people that it was not satisfying to see all Members of Parliament (MPs) in Dodoma while individuals from the Cabinet, that had fewer than 30 individuals, were staying in Dar es Salaam as opposed to Mwalimu’s fantasy to exchange all administration business to Dodoma.


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