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Wearing Hijab Allowed in Schools in Kenya

Wearing Hijab Allowed in Schools in Kenya

Muslim scholars in Kenya can wear hijab to class after a request court’s decision toppling a 2015 decision by a high court that ruled generally.

The court additionally coordinated the instruction directorate of the nation to guarantee the production of new standards on school garbs and not to victimize understudies in view of religion, Kenyan nearby media Daily Nation reported.

“The instruction CS ought to consider planning and establishing controls, after due meetings, for the better assurance of the central right to the flexibility of religion and conviction and additionally uniformity and separation for all students in Kenya’s education framework,” they cited the judges.


A Methodist Church-run school in Isiolo (Upper Eastern sub-district of Kenya) was abused by a before approval by the nation’s training directorate saying Muslim understudies in the school can wear hijab and white trousers, which is against the school rules.

The school’s case before looking for the purpose at the high court was that wearing hijab and trousers made uniqueness among students.

The High Court in May a year ago decided that the order permitting the wearing of hijab in the school was unlawful and prejudicial as it is against the school directions.

The Muslim graduates were accounted for to have felt separated upon while their Christian associates felt the Muslims were being given special treatment.


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