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Bandits kill 60 in Sokoto, Nigeria

Bandits kill 60 in Sokoto, Nigeria

Reports has it that 60 people died in the recent attacks in Sokoto on Wednesday .The bandits killed 16 in Garki, 13 in Dan Aduwa, 22 in Kuzari, seven in Katuma and two in Masawa,” Africa-News reports
There was no immediate official comment on the attacks but security sources said the police would address a press conference later today Thursday
The northwestern Nigeria has been a zone of violence involving clashes between rival communities over land, attacks by heavily-armed criminal gangs and reprisal killings by vigilante groups and even the Fulani herdsmen.
Sabon Birni district, 175 kilometres (110 miles) from the state capital Sokoto, has in recent times been repeatedly attacked by armed gangs.
A recent attacks on Monday reports that 18 people were killed when gunmen invaded five other villages in Sabon Birni district, local officials said.
The Nigeria’s armed forces last week launched bombing raids against “bandit” camps in neighbouring areas of the northwest as part of the latest efforts to curb attacks.
Security authorities have previously launched repeated military operations and local peace talks to try to end the violence.
With the continuous calamities caused by the bandits, the gunmen has succeeded in halting unrest that has killed an estimated of over 8,000 people since 2011 and displaced well over 200,000 persons.


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