Winning silver was never too easy for Ethiopian athlete, Tamiru Demisse. He crossed his arms over his head subsequent to completing second in the Men’s 1500m race in Rio. He did same amid the award function.

Algeria’s Abdellatif Baka finished gold in the occasion, seconds ahead of Tamiru. His signal takes after that of kindred competitor Feyisa Lilesa who additionally won silver in a marathon amid the Olympic Games. Kenya’s Henry Kirwa won the bronze award.

Ethiopian government’s treatment of the Oromo individuals, the biggest ethnic gathering in the Horn of Africa, was never too gentle and thus the gesture followed indicating a sign of protest against them. The dissents were started after the legislature started amplifying the metropolitan limit of the nation’s capital, debilitating parts of Oromia and the general population’s property rights.

The Ethiopian athlete was given a place of safety in the United States for the fear of harassment or persecution if he returned home. He returned from Rio without Feyisa.

Another Ethiopian marathoner, Ebisa Ejigu, made it to the news list after crossing his hands over head as a protest, when he raced to victory in the Quebec City Marathon in Canada.

Just then the protest began, which was otherwise not expected, in a small town Ginchi, over 80 kilometers outside of the main area. Both athlete, Lilesa and Ejigu are from Addis Ababa and the surroundings area.

The main reason behind athlete crossing their hands was killing of hundreds of people in recent weeks by East African country security forces, in a so-called brutal anti-government crackdown.


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