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The List of Illiterate Christians in Ghana increasing – Psychologist

The List of Illiterate Christians in Ghana increasing – Psychologist

Great deals of Ghanaians are “moldable” and thusly effortlessly fall prey to fakes who parade themselves as ministers, as indicated by a clinical analyst.
A prominent religious pioneer Bishop Daniel Obinim is safely secured for purportedly swindling a specialist of an astounding GH¢11.6 million. Gatherers of the organizer and minister of the International God’s Way Church spent the night at the Nima Police Station and assaulted the Police Headquarters Wednesday over his detainment.

christian people in ghanaThe congregation individuals conflicted with the law requirement specialists, prompting the capture of one after they were scattered with Water Cannon.

Clinical Psychologist Aku Hayfron has exhorted Christians to go the additional mile to contemplate the Bible all alone in the wake of sitting through sermons in the chapel.

As per her, the greater parts of these Men of God have achieved a demigod status since “it has been engraved in our mind that whatever the minister says is last.”

In any case, she said such quality bears a resemblance to a profound lack of education.

“A great deal of us are uneducated Christians. We don’t read the Bible to comprehend it. We simply listen to our ministers. Individuals don’t know where Bible entries are. Furthermore, with such a man whatever the minister says, the minister ought to have the capacity to take whatever he needs from him or her since you’re flexible or effectively impacted by whatever the minister says.


“We call ourselves Christians; however, we don’t do what we should do. We need to peruse the Bible. There are such a large number of individuals who call themselves ministers, however, misrepresent the Bible. They don’t have the foggiest idea about the Bible themselves,” Mrs. Hayfron told Morning Starr.

The Clinical Psychologist opined individuals ought to develop the soul of “insight” to effectively distinguish the vast majority of the catches ahead, however, demanded that unfortunately “everyone” appear to be helpless in the hands of the greater part of these ministers.

“In all actuality, it is not just the individuals who have not been to the class who are powerless to this thing. There are individuals who are really taught yet at the same time can’t tell who is correct or wrong and can’t shield themselves from these issues that have happened. We call ourselves Christians, however, we don’t do what we should do… as indicated by the Word of God,” Mrs. Hayfron focused.


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